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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Projects Old and New Update

It feels like time to do a review of the various projects I have on the go at the moment. I have been fairly busy over the winter period adding to things. The significant change is that there is a lot more gaming going on which is good , and this has driven some projects along and sparked interest in anew direction.

So whats going on?

The Old West collection in 28mm. Nothing new being added or is needed , and its been 12 months since a game. However as a result of Hammerhead show being moved I have an opportunity to put on a participation game, for which this is perfect - so I have booked in to do one. Looking forward to that.

The Sudan in 28mm. It is still the big one , and with some new units added into it over the winter. There are a handful of items I want to complete (don't actually "need"), mostly Egyptian army related which I will chip away at this year.  I intend to run a very large game at some point this year. I have played a range or rules (Sands of the Sudan , Black Powder, Victorian Steel, Death in the Dark Continent) all of which work depending on the battle. Hopefully will have this at The Other Partizan in August

Napoleonics. Nothing doing here at all , really lost that interest at the moment.Perhaps just the odd bit of painting for people as the fancy takes. Not gaming this at all.

Bootleggers in 28mm. I have all the figures I could want and some buildings done , but I don't think its going anywhere at the moment - I am now thinking of selling it all on - so if your interested! Not had a game with these at all

ACW 10mm. I now have a brigade of each side , with figures to do another for each too. I have all the terrain I need , some of which is very usable for other 6mm and 15mm games too. Had a few games of this , and a number of guys in the Old Guard have units too. It will never be a core interest , but will certainly be added to bit by bit - at least its fairly economical now the terrain has all been sorted. Rules in use are Regimental Fire and Fury which do work, but I want to try Black Powder and Picketts Charge too.

Team Yankee moderns in 6mm. Came in from left field as result of digging out my lead mountain of GHQ stuff actually from the 1980s. With interest in gaming in by James and Martin its helped to get this almost completed. I have done all the terrain items (and re purposed a lot of the 10mm terrain) and completed my Soviet forces. I have a small West German force to complete and this one is done. We have been playing Team Yankee  and I want to also try out some other rule sets as well in the future too.

So with a number of projects being at the fairly mature stage its time to look at something new and I have decided to do a WW2 project in 15mm. This fits in with James and Martin and allows us to expand the scope and scale of the games.

I have decided to revisit a very early war-game army , and do American forces for North West Europe 1944. The first items have been sourced and painted and will be the subject of the next posts.. Rules will be a mix I think with Flames of War (we really don't do wall to wall tanks!) and Battlegroup initially.


  1. Great pics, love the helicopters...

  2. What scale Napoleonics do you do Dave and don’t say all of them.

  3. A good range of collections and scales Dave, I look forward to seeing your new WW2 project develop.

    1. Thanks Pat, it’s been a long time since I did any WW2, I am enjoying them...

  4. I enjoy Pickets charge rules - they are quick and playable but offer much more depth than Black Powder. I would definatly recommend giving them ago (we play using 10mm) Rupe


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