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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Battleground 2019.

Today saw the final show of the season, and also my local one - Battleground , at Stockton on Tees. It’s a great show , which Leon from Pendraken has been working hard to keep alive and then improve . It has a decent range of traders , and the  bring and buy was pretty good too.

As it’s our local show the guys from the Old Guard Group had decided to put on something new. Stu has been leading on driving the building of the 28mm WW2 Western Desert forces . Due to various other commitments over the last few months I wasn’t able to do any of the forces , but I was of course able to supply a lot of desert themed terrain from my Sudan stuff .

So here are a few shots of the action.

 Rules were Bolt action .

The Brits are dug in defending a battie box atop the hill with a force of Italians and Africa Korps attacking.

By the end of the day although the AK has been atop the hill they had lost their armour and the British still had a pair of Matildas that were about to wreak havoc, so it was callled a British victory 

It was certainly busy late morning 
I really liked the table next us , which was a Mediterranean game of the attack on Leros, look ace

As for stash, given I went without a shopping list it turned into some left field stuff 

This is all John and Andy from Ainsty’s fault // Bas@@@ds...
So then it some extra bits for Gaslands , templates , dice, markers and weapons kits. There was then some Crooked Dice Banana Splits ATVs etc. I also picked up some pre planned 10mm ACW and !0mm Fantasy stuff (for James’ project)/ 

Then the bring & buy produced this large wooden castle .. it was picked up for £20. It will be given a bit of a tart up and will be used for grandson Harry’s Birthday next year along with some soldiers .... see what I did there ...

All in all a grand day 

Then when I got home . My long awaited .. ie nearly 3 months Battlefront order turned up .. given my 15mm WW2 forces stash some serious top up 

So , I think I can truly say the stash mountain has been topped up - ready for the winter season already .


  1. I'd keep that nice looking castle for myself. A great find.😄

  2. If you buy Harry some Matchbox cars and convert them to Gaslands then it's a double win, castle and a source of spares for you

  3. Good seeing you Dave and a quick chat. I think Leon has done a sterling job with the show and is very worthy of local gamers visiting - just wish I could get time to have a walk around

    1. Cheers Graham . Indeed Leons done a great job.

  4. Lots of interesting stuff added to the stash mate. Looking forward to seeing some of it in the Challenge!

    1. Cheers matey . Looking forward to getting some stuff finished!

  5. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for coming along, the game looked great!


    1. Cheers , look forward to being there next year


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