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Sunday, 17 November 2019

WIP - Winter painting season plans .

It’s been a fairly hectic back half of the year. The painting and modelling that has been completed was focussed on getting stuff done for the film shoot in Paris. This has made though a decent dent in the Sudan lead/plastic mountain - there really isn’t that much left that I want ( and I sure don’t need) to do.

I have given the cave a decent sort out and the preparation and paint desk are ready for some serious production . The AHPC paint challenge will be kicking off in just over a months time so it’s time to get ready.

I do like  a clean desk , but it’s a rare occurrence ! It won’t last long 

It’s been a poor few months for gaming , but that should straighten out now with no real commitments over the next few months

Plans for the winter ( in nothing but scale order ) are :-

1/300th Team Yankee , terrain items . Ruined buildings etc
1/300th Cruel Seas , 2 Fairmile MGB , and with luck a full size destroyer

10mm Fantasy units to contribute to JamesM “For Joshua” project
10mm ACW , Confederate and Union , a brigade of each , plus bits n bobs

15mm WW2 terrain , more Normandy buildings and large bridge
15mm WW2 USA , specific items for D Day games (bulldozers , wading tanks etc)
15mm WW2 USA , 101 AB round out of the stuff I have
15mm WW2 USA , Infantry units
15mm WW2 USA , 82AB company
15mm WW2 , German , Panzer Lehr Tank units
15mm WW2 , German , Grenadier unit.

28mm. Sudan , British . 36 Figure Infantry . KOSLI
28mm. Sudan , Egyptian/Sudanese 48 Figure infantry, gendarmes
28mm Sudan, Beja , about 100 figured
28mm terrain , for Necromunda

Well that looks pretty busy ,...and of course no plan survives first contact. Though at present nothing else is piquing the interest, well maybe something horse and musket related but who knows. Certainly all of that won’t get completed , but with a fair wind there will be some decent damage to it.

On a side note . I have been enjoying the latest “Setting the Scene’  book by Pat Smith . All good sound technique , and well photographed. Plus some extras from Nick aka Molterie .. all good stuff. Recommend.


  1. It's that time of year, and of course you need more dervish

  2. Sounds like you've got your plans well in hand, but they seem distinctly light on 28mm Sudan stuff - go on, buy more, you know you want to! :)

  3. "Tis the winter of our discontent" - only you seem to be very contented with your plans.

    1. indeed lots of good stuff to look forward to

  4. Looking forward to seeing your work in the Challenge. My prep starts in earnest tonight.

    1. cheers Lee - indeed yes I did a pile of prep in August and early Sept , so looking forward to getting back to it tonight!

  5. Desks cleared and ready for action. Looking forwards to seeing your output over the coming months.

  6. Lovely proper hobby station. Great goals. I always hope I achieve 25% of the goals I set out. I hope you reach 100%.

    1. thanks - I am hopeful for about 50% at least

  7. Some interesting things you've planned for the challenge. Glad you're back on board again!

  8. Clock's ticking... great to see you onboard

  9. Thanks for the mention with the book, I hope it helps.
    Necromunda brings back fond memories and you can really go to town with the terrain making for this.
    How do you rate the new version compared to the original?

    1. The book is a great resource. I think the production is even better than the first.

      Not got any games in of the new Necromunda ... still a work in progress !

  10. Looks like you're gonna be a busy boy!

  11. Good stuff - see you in the mosh pit mate!


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