Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Thursday 31 January 2013

Ronin #8 for Curt

I completed this lad as the entry fee for Curts 3rd Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge . The figure is by Zenit Miniatures , and is a really detailed sculpt. I wanted something with a little colour to it to draw the eye, so settled on a more muted dark colour for the armour with some of the details picked out in red, yellow and white.

So thats it for the various mixed stuff for the challenge - one for unusual entry to do over the period.

There is potentially the first show attendance of the year coming up this weekend at York , not sure if I am going or not yet - but if any of you good readers are let me know - it would be nice to arrange a meet if i get there.

Friday 25 January 2013

The raid on the Big D ranch. - Serenity Campaign game -2

The 5 men of "McGlades Marauders" having spent a campaign move scouting around the "Big D" ranch & had waited until there were few of the hands around. They planned to move in and rustle as many head of cattle and move them along to sell (after a little re branding work!) . Well this was a different scenario, one based more in the open , not so many building. The random element of the cattle to content with would also add another dimension.


 The set up with a cowhand camp in the middle.

The leader decided stealth of course would be the order of the day. , the gang rode in from the edge of the woods. A sharp eyed cowhand busy making breakfast in the camp spotted a horseman moving in , and headed out on foot see what the stranger wanted, one of the other hands who was mounted moved over too.

Harvey on the right, keeps two hands busy.

Harvey the Gunman began some story to keep the cowhands engaged - as long as he passed his skill tests he would keep them engaged in some "innocent conversation" - he was rolling well. he was getting a reputation as a bit of a silver tongue, a least 4 turns he kept them there - If he had failed he would have had to turn and ride away or choose to move for a weapon..

In the meantime more of the Marauders were working themselves around the herd. Another cowhand was discovered over to the east , and he was approached by "Shorty" , but he did not have the conversation skills of his partner. He bottled it after a first attempt of keeping him distracted. "Shorty" was on edge -  he decided to take a swing at the cowhand using his Brawler skills, at least with no shots there would be no immediate alarm . The two slugged it out over several rounds of hand to hand combat - with "Shorty" finally landing a knock out blow. The cowhand was on the floor. "Shorty" grabbed his breath and thought to tie him up and reached for some rope. A this moment the cowhands own card turned up and a Greenhorn activation was available - would he recover -  a "6" yes! The extra activation was played - the hand drew his piece and boom, boom, boom, shots rang out - but he was still too groggy to hit "Shorty" - the noise echoed across the herd and the valley.

 Shorty's hand to hand duel

Further over the other cowhands now realised something was afoot - and their hands moved towards weapons.

McGlade exerts his authority

McGlade deciding the game was up charged in on horseback from the tree line toward Harvey and cowhands. He leveled his gun and let fly at the mounted cowhand - just the one hit - but the Shootist did not fail - the card was turned - " Fatal Head Shot" 

The herd were well and truly spooked and the "Stampede" cards began to come into play , the herd split in a rather lucky way for McGlades guys , heading out past some of the mounted guys waiting.

The cowhands were now getting in some shots in response, but just a graze here or there. Nothing serious. The top hand who was away on the other side of valley had drawn his rifle and took a long range aim at the strangers in the middle, and a single flesh wound to the head knocked Harvey out of his saddle. Darn it was going so well. McGlade spurred his horse around racing to his accomplices aide ( a few spare activation cards helped) he got Harvey onto the front of his horse and set off out of danger.

The trail boss had shown up - "No you don't - you dirty thieves!" . He blazed away at the retreating outlaws as they rode past  - one hit - 50/50 which of the two escapees would it be . It was Harvey - already unconscious laid over the horse. "Fatal Gutshot".  McGlade looked down disconsolate at this friend -, he spurred on off the board carrying the limp form with him, and made a mental note about "hating that darn ranch boss - there will be a reckoning some day"


"Shorty "and another member of the gang knocked out and tied up the other cowhand , and made good their escape.

The remaining cowhands had decided it is was all bit too hot - they would live for another day - and talk to "Big D" about hiring on some more people.

McGlades Marauders - had bloodied themselves. But had lost a key gang member on almost the last shot of the game.McGlade determined some of the gang profits would be used to give Harvey a proper funeral over at the town of Bartlett once the steers had been turned to profit. . The $1000.00 would be money well spent.

A very different game in feel from the town actions, a bit more stealth and cunning being used - but the shooting!! These guys knwe how to do it.

A great game Colin - and really well played "in character"

Monday 21 January 2013

Marshal Marmont & staff

A recently completed bit of "Classic Shinyness". These lads are by Elite miniatures , a mix of the ordinary and Collectors ranges. The figure used for the Marshal had some conversion work done to him adding a sash, order badge on chest from green stuff, twisted wire lanyards , and flattened wire into the hand to create a better finish the reins. Horses were done with a mix or wiping and proper colour blending. The base blue was the ever dependable Andrea Blue. A real treat to top it off with Gloss , really makes the colour shine - so unfashionable...but i love it. Proper toys!


Friday 18 January 2013

The "Cooler King"

Catching up on "little distraction painting" posts this week.  So cue the music to "The Great Escape".

Here we have The Cooler King, the Scrounger and the Surveyor. These are from Ebob's Great Escape range (you don't say...). There are various other prisoners, stooges, guards & goons available. You can also download the various buildings in paper pdf format. One of the reasons I love this hobby is the sheer variety of figures available.  These are beautiful sculpts.

Right now where can i get a motorbike from....

I have not watched it in an age - might just be weekend viewing. Wonder if he will get over the wire this time.

Thursday 17 January 2013

A little distraction - "Geisha Oyuki"

One of Curt's categories for his 3rd Annual Analogue Hobbies painting competition is for a non military figure or vignette. So i thought as his theme this year was for the entrants to do a Samurai figure then what better than to do something to complement it. So here we have"Geisha Oyuki" - a little research on the net gave me a name the means "Honorable Snow" - as Curt is in the depth's of in Canada , and I have the first bout of it here at home in the UK - it seemed a good choice.

The figure is by Spanish company  Zenit Miniatures from their Kensei range. A really nice figure.

It was certainly a challenge to do the pattern on the kimono, and the fans, But pleased with how it turned out.

Really looking forward to the Samurai hero figures.

Tuesday 15 January 2013


A little diversion from normal here. 15mm WW2 Luftwaffe & Red Airforce. These are for Gerry over at the his "Situation Room" project. A truly tremendous commitment to his hobby. 400 square feet of playing surface, 1000's of trees, 100's of buildings , and 1000's and 1000's of figures. All good fun & great to see the progress he is making expanding the collections.

So it has been out with the airbrush to do this little lot. So here is a little aircraft recognition test for you - ok I have named them for you. Models were 15mm by Command Decision.


 Mig 3
 Polikarpov I-153
 Polilarpov I-16
 Yak 9

Took a deal of work , and the waterslide transfers took a fair bit of time, but very happy with the end results. Looking forward to seeing the results of the aerial battles at the Situation Room

Monday 14 January 2013

Indians & Banditos

Well the title says it all. Another top up of kit for the Old West  , which  rounds off the figure collection and provides all the various elements required for the the "Serenity Campaign".

So first up  the natives from the Northern Indian Territory - these are the  factor that will unite all the various factions, and of course they will be happy to cause trouble at any time. These lads are by "Artizan Designs"

Coming up from the South we also have a nefarious band of "Banditos". These are by Knuckleduster (as is the casualty)

And some transport for the Man with No Name

So a few more items left to sort out, some more unmounted horses, wounded horses,few more wagons
and i think it will be finished

Wednesday 9 January 2013

95th Rifles

As well as the recent diorama set of these I have completed 12 of these individual pesky grasshoppers .  Riflemen based for skirmish games.
These are again Front Rank miniatures. Good clean high quality castings that took no real work to clean up. A nice variety of poses and headgear too. The green used is the Andrea Color shade 1 and shade 5 to get the main colour, with highlight and shadow work being just other colours from the set.

Nice to do some Napoleonics - few more coming up too