Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday 3 July 2023

Gaming - Napoleonics

 I was invited back to play in Vienna this weekend. We were doing the southern part of Liepzig 1813 with the army of Bohemia versus Napoleon. 

The early stages of the battle French defending in the right . The allies would outnumber the French for the first 12 turns then the French would build up forces each turn from there and begin to attack.


Lots of tough fighting 
Wachau changed hands a number of times , my Italians hold it for a couple of turns before I had to retire the division and we had to go again .

the rules are In The Grand Manner with a number of new rules amendments and developments the Vienna guys have been working on .

In the end a pretty historical fight - not to be unexpected really . Played in a great spirit . I look forward to a future visit .