Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday 29 January 2018

VBCW - The Telegram Rifles

Something a little left field this time. Last year Martin C set up large Very British Civil War game for the lads of the Old Guard. I wanted to get some figures to contribute for a next outing. While looking around for some other items I came across the Ironclad Miniatures site which has some interesting sets for it.

I went for the Telegram Rifles - which seemed fitting given I work for the company descended from the GPO.

They consist of a mix of rifles , a Lewis gun a Thompson, plus a communications section - complete with wicker basket and pigeon.

They are nice clean sculpts and have come out nicely.

back to some more traditional stuff next

Thursday 25 January 2018

Sudan - Queens Own Cameron Highlanders

I have been revisiting the Sudan collection and plan to do a good few more units coming up. One of the last major British units I wanted to completed was the Camerons. I decided to do these in the classic red tunic as they fought in red at the battle of Ginnis.

The unit is 48 figures plus a mounted officer. I still have to complete a skirmish company for them - I thought I had the figures in stock , but turns not not - something to rectify at the York show.

The delights of how to paint the Tartan! 
This completes the 3 highland battalions for the Sudan. I want to complete one more British battalion , not sure which just yet , plus the New South Wales battalion.

Glad to get these completed - they took an age!

Thursday 18 January 2018

Cold War Gone Hot - Soviet Helicopters and Infantry

Previous to  the recent game I had completed a few new units to add to my Soviet forces. Hind helicopters and infantry units.

I drilled and inserted a small magnet into the helicopter to attach them to some flight stand pegs - to which I had also added a magnet. The individual pegs are around 10mm and can be easily added to vary the height as required. They are the type used in Wings of Glory - i bought a bag of 100 from e-bay.

I have done two lots of basing with multiple and individual stands

I completed enough Infantry for a motor rifle unit - with infantry, heavy weapons, ATGW etc.

Both lots were by Heroics and Ros - I need to do another lot of infantry some time i think.

Monday 15 January 2018

Cold War gone hot - Team yankee game one

This weekend saw the first game in the Cold War gone hot. I hosted James and Martin for our first run through of Team Yankee. First up I have never been at all impressed with the look of it at 15mm - it all just seems to look like a tank park... but in 6mm using the 15mm moves and ranges it starts to really look like how I imagine it. My Cold War collection was actually bought pretty much at the height of it in the early 80s, and was used for a set of rules based on Command Decision called Combined Arms. I was great to get stuff that has waited 30 years fora game on the table.

While TY can feel a bit generic it did give a reasonable game , and was fairly fast play and has enough detail to give a good flavour. So we will be playing again.

The terrain is the various bit acquired for the 10mm ACW repurposed - just need to get the pile of buildings painted up .
main objective - the crossroads 

roads were just simply printed up using powerpoint - and taped together - looked effective

Soviet Recon batter on down the road towards the crossroads

79th Guards Tank regiment arrives

quote "dave has a comedy amount of tanks" - da!

where are the British hiding?

Hind gunships lead the way
pushing on the AA assets protect the lead tank companies - the Shilka turn a low flying Jaguar in a colander

The 2nd battalion 79th Gds Tank is turned to burning metal by a squadron of Chieftains at long range 
British ATGW take their toll on Russkies..
Brits closing up to the crossroad 
The crossroads is a fairly unhealthy place for both sides!
the Hinds worry the lightly armoured Brit assets
Cheiftain squadron brews up at the crossroads 

Cheiftans out in the open as they flank the advancing Soviets
Soviet infantry own the wood - Going to need a lot more smoke markers!!
At this point we called it - the Brits had lost most of their starting kit , and had to bring on significant reserves - the Soviet tank regiment was at 50% loses.  We had not set any points etc for this it was just get kit on the table and run through the mechanics. It played through well - highlighted some extra bits we need to source, more work on buildings and markers required.  - overall a good day.

we packed up and played 3 short games of the basic Wings of Glory - where the Spitfires pretty much came out on top - good fun!

A good day and good company - a much needed morale boost after a week of serious man flu!

Thursday 11 January 2018

Wings of Glory WW2

Having mentioned in the last wrap up post that Wings of Glory was likely to feature this year at the Old Guard meet ups. I decided I would get the stuff we require to get up and running with the WW2 variant (Pete has the WW1 stuff) . A couple of large orders were soon winging (see what I did there..)  their way to the man-cave.

Tally Ho! 

Battle of Britain starter set

Storage solution from KR Mulitcases

Bespoke trays inside 

a 6X4 mousemat material mat - from Deepcut Studios
Th starter set has two Spitfire an two Me109I have picked some some addition aircraft so it gives me:-

3 x Spitifre mk1
3 x Me109e
1 x ME110
2x Ju87

Some of the other guys have Hurricanes and looks like Heinkels now too.

I also picked up a a couple of JU52 kits. They will needs cards etc doing . but will make for good scenarios, so worth doing I think

All very strange for me taking an "off the peg" project with work all done - but hey why not for once. I think over time the planes will get a little extra work as they need a bit of extra detailing , but thats a  way off for now.

It was top marks for all the various suppliers in order processing and delivery times. well done - internet shopping at its best..

I have been laid up by the "Aussie" flu that has hit the UK... so no painting at all - just starting to come through that now , so hoping to be back to the brushes next week. My AHPC start is in tatters. Still a while to go but I think I will need to re jig the painting order around a bit.

I have a game coming up this weekend with Martin and James - and hopefully Scotty to get the WW3 stuff on the table and James is sorting out a Team yankee scenario for... looking forward to that after 10 days of being ill - a much needed morale boost..