Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Nam - B52 and Chickens !

 Yes this is a bonkers post . I spotted a B52 kit on eBay that had some bits missing so was cheaper than normal . I decided to pick this up and use it as scatter as a wrecked plane . It turned up with less missing than I thought so I decided to build it up as full as I can which would keep the paint job consistent. I recently found some scenarios for when the B52’s were  based in Thailand with commando raids . So I have the wheels to be able to add on now . 

This is a massive 1/72nd kit - and I thought it was actually a pretty poorly designed . But for what I want it for it was fine .


It’s a 32 in ch wingspan , 27 inches long and 6 inches high - blooming big 


For now it left whole.

Next up is some more set dressing for the village .

Pendraken do a great set of animals in various scales - I picked up 4 packs of chickens . So 40 chickens 

So a very random week on the paint table!

Sunday 26 February 2023

Gaming - 7 Days to the Rhine

 Today saw a first run out test game of 7DTTR . We had French versus East German . A basic table set up with buildings , woods , roads etc , and we just worked through the basic mechanics of initiative, reactions and shooting . It played pretty well . We have various referrals to the rule book and errata , but came through it ok. 

While the East German vehicles were knocked out fairly quickly the infantry was harder to deal with .in the end the French infantry was overwhelmed and bugged out .

So main thing to do is sort out some proper road sections and bases for the buildings. Looking forward to another game.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

‘Nam - LVTs and Recoilless Rifles .

 A bit more for the Marine force . First up a pair of Landing Vehicle Tracked 5 and 6H . These were a 1950/60s iteration of the LVTs the Marines had used in WW2 , bigger and heavily armed . 

I picked these up as 3d resin prints from BPM - very good quality - they do lack a bit of track detail but that is from the STL. Easy enough coverable . 

Given they could carry 30+ guys inside I can understand why they would cover the top in sandbags and hide up there . I added a 50cal team and a guy with a M60 after using a whole pack of milliput to make the sandbags . I have a few other kneeling figures on order to add in too . 

I need a driver / command figure as well - just waiting for Full Metal to have them back in stock .

Next up is some extra firepower in the form of recoilless rifles . One is set up to fire with a pair of guys carrying the ammo box . The other is 4 guys struggling to move the damn thing ! Very nice sets from Full Metal Miniatures - just a bit of an epic putting them together as they all have separate arms - much swearing and sticking fingers together while doing these was had . They have however come out great .


Next Nam will be some ARVN I think . 

Monday 20 February 2023

Cold War Gone Hot - Soviets , 7DTTR

 I’ve knocked out the first of the Soviet forces with a unit of T64’s a couple of BMPs and Shilkas .

A fairly simple paining process with a rattle can of green, paint the tracks , a wash with AK brown wash for green vehicles , decals and highlights . 

I also had picked up a set of 3 power pylons from Butlers Printed Models - these are a 3d resin print .they are 110mm high . Black spray , metallic spray and a dry brush. They will add a bit of something different . 

That’s it for now with this until we get a game or two in .

Thursday 16 February 2023

Cold War Gone Hot - East Germans & French infantry

 Next for for this little collection are some East Germans and the French to add to the armoured force .


An initial platoon of French infantry and some extra Milan teams to start with . I have another and APCs to add at some point .


I decided to add lots of clump to have them hiding somewhat !

Next up the opposition in the form of an East German motor rifle company and T55 tank company 


Same method of basing these lads 


The transport is the old classic BTR60s 


I had picked the T55 unit up painted last year - they were nicely done so I only need a bit if basing . 


So James and I now have enough to get an initial game in - planned for later in the month .

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Necromunda - Meet the DerrFlingers” - Van Saar gang

 Bit of left field randomness going on here . JamesM has been busy building terrain for his Necromunda revisited collection and now has plenty for a game . We got one in over at Pendrakens shop a couple of weeks ago so MartinC and I are doing out own gangs. 

Back in the 90s I had some Van Saar so I have created a new gang .I have a few of the metals hanging around in the lead pile and will add them even though a little smaller than the new plastics. 

I used some of the new Vallejo Xpress Lizard Green over a dark green undercoat which had been heavy dry brushed up an ochre then white/ochre mix. The paint worked well dried nicely matt and covered well with depth and highlight. I still added a little extra highlight after but not much . 



And the guys in GravCutters .flying around 

JamesM is going to run the long term campaign so we will see how these guys do .

Not my usual fodder ,but I did enjoy doing them and the Xpress paints made doing them a fair bit quicker .

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Cold War Gone Hot - French battle group armour

 So here is the start to another little wander . Even though I have a bucket load of 1/300 1980s stuff I am doing a 15mm force too . The aim being to do 7 Days to the Rhine. We have a lot of 15mm terrain which is easily useable as well. Battlefront Team Yankee has seen some very good deals in the sales for starter sets etc - even better at sales time where I have picked stuff up . Rather than go with Brits/US/West Germans we are doing some of the smaller nations . James M has Dutch armoured units already so I have added in a French battle group. I have completed the armoured element , the infantry will be along shortly .


I went for a NATO 3 colour camo scheme which is more early 90s than 80s French green but I’m good with that . I had picked up an AK colour set and broke out the airbrush . 

The battlefront kits are nice and simple to put together , which took a few nights 

The 2 Gazelle helicopters provide some air support 

For the opposition I am starting with some East Germans