Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Adieux de Napoléon à la Garde Impériale

These have been in the lead pile for so long I had no idea who made them (now reliably informed it is Redoubt Enterprises set apart from the Perry  Marshall one which I added to them). I have had a few days off work so have been doing these guys just as an interesting project. The sculpts of the figures have some individuality, with I am sure some of them having facial expressions of shock , and one of them even looks like he is crying. Great stuff

Next up Brunswickers - or how make to black look interesting!


  1. On the Russian Cuirassier front (I assume late), the Empress Cuirassiers are slightly different in that they have a plain steel brestplate (not black).
    Also nice facing colours.