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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 25 July 2011

General Dabrowski & ADC

I have been working on preparing castings mainly this week, but I have been able to complete another Polish command stand to give Prince Poniatowski someone to command. General Dabrowski and an ADC figure both by "Front Rank" - really good crisp castings a pleasure to paint. Dabrowski's horse is an old favourite light horse by "Connoisseur" and the ADC's is an "Elite"one.  I wanted the stand to tell a picture of the ADC having just galloped in and pulled his horse up and the look of an animated conversation. I think it has been achieved with the choice of figures and horses and how they are placed on the base. The horses were completed in the last big batch so they were all ready waiting for a project to come along. I did however have to add a saddlecloth and saddle made from Milliput to the Elite horse (took about 5 mins to do) as the ADC casting comes without one and would normally require a S1 type Front rank horse.

The blue used for main colours is a Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue (70899) which is highlighted with with a mix of the DPB and Flat Blue. The Polish crimson is created with Humbrol 73 (wine) as a base then highlighted with a 73 and Matt white (34) mix.

Silver used is Vallejo Model air silver as it it flows easily and works well on fine detailing. This was highlighted a little with a sligh mix of white in to too. Faces and flesh tones as per my usual 4 colour method.

More castings work this week as busy preparing a Vistula Legion lancer regiment and a Dutch Belgian Hussar regiment.


  1. Brilliant Dave. Love the painting and the basing.

  2. FrontRank is amongst my chosen brands.
    Very nice base with a lot of storytelling going on.

  3. Excellent Dave,
    Nice inspiration for me as I will be doing this very chap in a couple of months time. I actually had been thinking of late what figures to convert for the project so these guys give me some ideas.

  4. Blimey Dave, these look great mate, better get my new Polish infantry painted quick! seven battalions is just not enough.

  5. Hmm BFG - you will have more chiefs than indians, so I guess I may end up doing some of them too.Get yer castings sorted
    I reckon i could do two battallions a week - the old Connoissuer ones are an easy paint job.