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Monday, 22 August 2011

Repairs to an old friend. "Prince Eugene"

This week has been mainly spent working on preparing the next lot of projects. I picked up an old friend at my last visit to the WHC, who has seen much duty over the years. However he has picked up a few war wounds along the way, the horse was broken from its base, his plume was gone, his sword was broken off too. I would swear someone has stood on it!  I asked Doug Mason to repair the horse  with solder from the base to the knee joint of both hind legs. He also created the plume from solder. I was able to sort the sword out re soldering it. I then had to try and match painting that was 30 years old. Mainly used humbrols and a bit of a khaki wash to add a little ageing prior to the gloss varnish. Overall I think he is ready for duty again.
I seems this was an original Peter Gilder creation and still looks great. The base figure is Willie figure I am informed with the head being a PG creation as is the horse (thanks Phil for info)

Talking of the WHC. I also found an old photo from 1990. This was the invitation game held on the 175th Anniversary of Waterloo. With Peter Gilder leading the French against Mike Ingham's Brits. I was on the French side and we got a good drubbing!

Rear (Brits) - Mark Freeth, Andy Moorhouse, Mike Ingham , Ricard Harris , Steve Shann
Front (French) Me! ,Chris Flowers, Simon Clark, Doug Mason, Paul Williamson, Peter Gilder.
(Thanks to Tony Dillon & Richard Harris for clearing up a few names )

Peter was in a wheelchair at the time suffering with the motor-neurone disease that he succumbed to later that year. I think this was his last game. I was even helping to feed him. I know it was certainly sad seeing him like that. But he enjoyed himself as we all did. 

And here are another couple of Vistula legion lancer conversions completed ready for painting.

 Trumpeter crashing to the ground, hands flailing, trumpet flying loose - in my minds eye I see the canister striking!

Officer about to crash his sabre down upon his foe, drawing his arm back & leaning into the blow. The sword scabbard is flying loose on its belts, His boots are dug into the horses side for more purchase . The horse is turned to that side pulling on it reins  too. Mane and tail are reworked with the soldering iron for more movement.


  1. Dave,

    Lovely restoration job on old Eugene. Could the figure be a Suren with a Hinchliffe head?

  2. Eugene is a very nice looking figure, I like him.

  3. Nice work on the repair. The fig does have the look of a Gilder.

  4. Definitely an original Peter Gilder creation. The horse is one of his, as is the head. The rest of the chasseur is a Willie figure.
    All the soldering, painting and basing is by his hand.I think Peter did it during the late 1970's.

  5. Thanks Phil , looks like mystery solved.

  6. Great painting, excellent miniatures and outstanding conversions. This is exactly why I am hooked to 25mm Napoleonics.

  7. Steve Shann is standing next to the door and it's Chris Flowers and not Brian? in the front row.
    Tony D

  8. Awesome repairs!

    Also very neat that you have had opportunity to connect with such gamer greats as Peter.

    reading accounts like this keeps me willing to continue to toss dice.


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