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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday 30 June 2013

Wartorn part 3 - The Bounty Hunter

This scenario provided some real Hollywood action today. We had 3 players . . The Man With No Name is holed up in the Grand Hotel, with his wanted "alive" prisoner - Bart who he needs to get out of town on the train. Bart's gang 6 of them , 3 at each end of town want to free him. The Pinkertons fresh off the train are also looking for Bart , but have no intention of paying any reward for him.
The gangs moved into town , the Pinkertons head into town looking out for bad guys. At this point the wiley bounty hunter forces his prisoner out the back door of the hotel and around into the undertakers yard.

He bundles Bart into the hearse, looks at the undertaker and says "drive".

The Pinkertons , have found some of the gang , but are still looking for Bart

Meanwhile the Pinkertons and Bart's bandits are busy exchanging fire.

The hearse headed across town, the whip cracking the horses onward, one outlaw was ridden over, failing to notice its approach while exchanging fire with a Pinkerton.

The train whistle was blowing , it would be leaving town shortly. The bounty hunter bundled his prisoner out onto the platform. An outlaw approached. The bounty hunter lifted his pistol, the outlaw panicked at the mere sight of it pointing at him, turning a fleeing.

At this point a battle that had been going on around the stock pen had really spooked the cattle, they broke through the gate at the rear of train, and began to run, initially heading out along the platform, just as the train began to pull away.

The bounty hunter turning and fired into his opponents, wounding them and causing a recovery turn. He forced his prisoner onto the passing passenger car, one Pinkerton and one outlaw made it onto different parts of the train. Bart in a last ditch attempt to save himself tried to push the bounty hunter off the steps of the train, but failed.

There was more chaos as the stampede picked up speed, running down more of Bart's gang.

The bounty hunter moved through the carriage , and shot at the outlaw who had made it onto the steps at the other end of the carriage, who then took fright and jumped off the train. This left only the Pinkerton in the following box car to deal with. The Pinkerton moved to the window and let of a shot - missing. The Man With No Name bit on his cigar, looked down and laughed. He uncoupled the carriage, then fired at the Pinkerton , a head wound.
He would get his reward money after all.

The MNN was played wonderfully by Andy Ainsty (Ainsty Castings, provider of all manner of wargames goodness. A thoroughly enjoyable game.
All in all , a great weekend. We also have invites to FIASCO at Leeds, and next years Triples.


  1. Pure Hollywood indeed, very good! Mind you, for a moment I thought that some of the cattle might find their way onto the train as well. I had visions of them running up and down the length of the carriages, chasing the passengers...

    1. It was indeed, it was a brilliant game.

  2. Very interesting, the game. It is a great project, sir!