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Saturday, 15 February 2014

The rise of the Ansar & Paint table Saturday

Well after all the work, this last "little" project is now finished. All together some 236 figures completed from start to finish. This gets the order of battle for the Mahdist forces for the battle of El Teb to about 80% completed. So i am going to push on finish them off. That will let me pick off the Colonial forces through the rest of the year. 

I worked on the whole lot , just patiently working my way through them. There were pretty simple to do. I had made a decision this was about "painting the unit" not the individuals , so there is no hyper detailing.  The mass does the real effect here I think  , and they look just I had envisaged at the start, so pleased with the end result.

They were airbrushed in a mix of two shades of brown, the hair and weapon black base completed. Then the whole figure is given a dark black/brown wash, cloth is painted in range of 5 different shades in a random combination. The cloth area is then given a lighter wash. The flesh tops are then highlighted in a thin dark earth colour. Spears and shield highlight wood was then done. Its finished off with good coat of a gloss varnish - which is just a personal thing as I think it helps a bit to keep these figures together over the year and it fills out joint problems etc. A matt varnish over and then do the metals and base up.
The flags are by The Virtual Armchair General, a simple print off and  stick on some piano wire. Lots of choice on the flag sets as well.

and backed up by the Beja of the existing collection.

So what is on the table now then?
The remaining Mahdist foot units, a Krupp gun, the mounted commnanders and a start on cleaning up the Baggara cavalry units, and few camel - just for Clint. There are few bits of Old West stuff as well. This lot should help sustain the position in the challenge points tally.

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