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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pulp - New Cops

First proper post of the New Year. The workbench is nice and busy with lots of thing in production. The Sudan stuff is coming along nicely, and inbetween the larger units I am completing some extras for "Serenity City" as there are some more re-inforcements due along shortly. Here we have the boys of the 2nd Precinct - a nice set of Pulp Miniature cops.

Very nice clean casting to work on. and they fit in well with my Dixon ones as well. My Secret Santa also sourced some Copplestone policmen so there will some good variety to the Serenity City P.D.

I have also completed another of the figures from the Femme Fatale pack - I found the facial detail a bit off on this one - she is no beauty thats for sure!  I had her down as the Ice Maiden , but I need to come up with a proper name for her - any ideas?

Back to the sands of the desert with work on the Second Brigade and the Cavalry progressing.


  1. She also seems to have rather slim hips... ;)

    Lovely work on the cops and the dame Dave :)

  2. John "the butch platinum blonde" Harlow?

  3. Blodwyn - meaning 'White Flower' in Welsh.

  4. Fantastic painting work. Those cops are really nice!!!

  5. Wonderful work on such characterful sculpts Dave - great stuff!

    1. Cheers Michael..they sure are good to work on...

  6. Great stuff...especially love the cops!

  7. " Miriel Blue".....

    "Jeanette Frigi'daire"....(she's French you know...)

  8. Great looking cops and lady! Great looking backdrops too.

  9. Love the cops, stunning job on the blue colors!

  10. Nice work on these Dave. Will they be making an appearance in WBQ 3?

    1. Chees matey, the could do... Along with the rest of the Police Dept... Will get my head around an article...

  11. Dave - sorry to go off topic, but I'm not sure if my emails are getting through to you?

    You expressed an interest to play in my PBB Cowboy game last year. What I would like to know is if this still the case?
    No problem if you can't.
    If you are, it will be beginning in the next week and I require two things from you -
    1/ a character name (male)
    2/ which hand does he shoot from?

    If you wish to delete this comment after use, then that's no problem.

  12. Great work on these, I really like the contrast in the blue.



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