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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Busy , busy , busy..

A painter and gamers work never seems to be done. The man cave is a hive of productive activity, I reckon I have about another 6 weeks of decent time before other things will encroach on my cave time for a few months. Having cleared out a huge chunk of work for the Sudan I am looking to maximise the effort to try and get the figures I want for it all completed. To that end I have been placing orders with suppliers and they have been turning up across this week.

Warbases MDF pre cut all received. 

A top up with 6 new boxes of tufts from Tajima

A pile of Really Useful boxes in 4,7 and 9 litre sizes to store it all, moving it across from the wooden trays, making it all stackable and easily transportable.

While in the queue at Post Office this morning I spied this toy train sitting on a far off shelf...all of £4... The "Wargames Magpie" in me could not help myself..this will do nicely with a bit of modification for the Sudan too.

After my last lot of airbrush work I have decided to replace my old , cheap compressor with a nice new , more capable one.i used it this week for the first time.. And it's excellent , steady flow, no moisture, and very quiet.

It's going to be a busy weekend cracking on sorting things out on the preparation table.

And making a dent on the painting table.
I will see you on the other side..wish me luck.


  1. Lots of goodies there Dave.

    I think I'll be investing in a decent compressor for my airbrushing at some point - the Smart Jet Pro was certainly on my list of options. By the way, what airbrush do you use? I'm definitely thinking of upgrading to a double-action one now that I've had a play and found the limitations of my single-action jobby.

    1. A good airbrush is worth it , especially for camouflage, large numbers of items etc. mine is an Iwate Eclipse HP/SBS ..with side feeds. Had it 10 years or so .. It's still going strong I don't think they make it any more,, but there are near equivalents. I prefer a side feed rather the a top cup or bottom feed .. Personal choice and experience with other designs ..the Iwata is IMHO the best..

  2. What a load of stuff to get on with Dave, will look out for all your new creations. Brilliant buy at the post office!

    1. Thanks Paul.. I think I will popping back in there next week to see if they have more too !

  3. Blimey, turning wargaming into a cottage industry!

  4. Looking forward to seeing it all Dave,!

  5. What a sight! Can't wait to see where this all leads.

    1. Thanks Michael, let's hope the outcome matches the expectation!

  6. Good grief! I'm doomed :) Well it's going to be an impressive sight no doubt! Good luck!

    1. Cheers.. There still a chunk of work do though.. So don't give up!

  7. Good luck, sir, with all those work you have here!


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