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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hammerhead show - A fine day out.

This weekend saw a run down to Newark and the Hammerhead show where I had booked a decent sized table - and a few people had asked for game with the Sudan toys , thanks Kev and Andy for the laugh , so too to Roy who ably assisted with set up, help, and overseeing the mayhem you did a great job.

A sight to cheer the heart of any colonial gamer!

I ran a scenario based on the last battle we fought - El Teb , but it was beefed up a bit in terms of troops and with some unit stats tweaked as well .

Set up - now where are those pesky Fuzzy Wuzzies

The column sets off - well apart from the cavalry didn't..

Burnaby led  RMLI to deal with the guns on the hill - finding angry Fuzzies in the wadi too

The Black Watch deploy into line to face of a fearsome charge
More Mahdists started to appear across the battlefield
Burnaby leads the way - into the guns lads.
The British right flank is bogged down 

Mahdist cavalry is seen massing toward the British right 

Having dealt with the gunners the RMLI form square to keep the camels troops at bay
The British right finally gets it full firepower deployed

The 19th Hussar , bloodied but successful see off the leading beggara cavalry 
The large mahdist rub finally falters and disperses , giving the British enough time to get into a proper brigade square just as the large reinforcements arrive...its full blown rapid fire time!

The mahdists try to force the square - but the firepower is too great - time for tea and medals!

The Brits were bloodied ,The Black Watch had fought 3 tough melees being outnumbered 2 to 1 before succumbing . The RMLI fought like lions , cutting through the mahdist line , destroying two large warbands, and the guns before holding solidly in the midst of the mahdist line . it was a close run thing!

I had a lot of interest from people in the figures and terrain , so really good chats . A great day out.


  1. Looked great, see you next weekend

    1. cant make it next weekend unfortunalty - but have fun!

      and it was a good one!

  2. Awesome stuff Dave. Definitely going to have to come up North for a wargaming roadshow with you, Martin and the guys, later this year!!

    1. You will be more than welcome!

      we may even let you get your Superheroes out too!

  3. Sounds great, especially the charge on the hill and this awesome quare...Time for medal for this wonderful report!

    1. cheers - I f had not seen the RMLI's feats I would have thought it impossible - the dice were with them alright..

  4. Handsome looking table and troops, Dave!

  5. You have built up one of the finest collections on the circuit, truly inspirational Dave.

    1. I can only heartily agree with Sir Michael. Those pics of the Brigade squares epitomise colonel gaming in the finest way. The only apparent drawback of the weekend's show was that I couldn't get there to enjoy it myself!

    2. cheers chaps! When you get the toys out properly and get great feedback it really helps to keep things going

  6. Awesome looking game. Love the square!

  7. Great looking game Dave and it's great to see the Sudan getting the kind of coverage it deserves. It certainly remains a legendary period thanks to Peter Gilder's efforts in the 80's and 90's and one can see why - variety of troops, attractive desert style terrain with variations, super scenario types and colonial gaming at its best.

    1. cheers - i will be flying the flag regularly for this..

  8. Fantastic looking game and I agree with Carlo on the great work you have done and the style of your gaming.



  9. I found it very interesting to witness the public's reaction to viewing the game, and listening to their opinions on the game when viewed against the others on display at the show.

    Certainly of interest to note that the game drew admirers from an older generation, whom a number of spoke about the use of the rings to record casualties, whereas most visitors my age (35) and younger bypassed the game and headed to the instant appeal of the quick skirmish. I say most, some were interested - both at Hammerhead and the previous Shildon show I helped Dave with the game.

    Funny how the hats, on the edge of the table, grabbed the attention of the public and even earned for themselves a few photographs - both at Hammerhead and Shildon. They certainly work to draw the crowds in, possibly even before the public takes a look at the game.

    And if I have a Pound (£) for every time somebody popped over to feel the playing mat, I'd have had a decent sum to have spent on the day! It certainly drew as much interest as the figures used.

    1. yes it was interesting to see the interactions . I have sent a few people the how make the mats too..

  10. Looks lovely - and I really like the idea of tea and medals :-) .

    1. Indeed .. the tea at the show was even half decent!


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