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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

ACW - First Game play test

Tonight saw two firsts - the first actual multi player game in the man cave on the new table. Plus it was the first ACW game. The ACW has become a a group effort for a bunch of us , and with troops and terrain  now being available it was time to chuck some dice .

James , brought over his Confederate Brigade and Steve a Union one - both realy well painted. I had completed another Union infantry giving me two and 3 guns.

We were using Regimental Fire and Fury , with the Union troops being Green and Confederates being trained. We were just testing out the game mechanics for a few turns , and finding out what else bit and bobs we needed to make up - more disorder , damaged gun markers mostly.  I need to finish up some ford pieices , and some bridges - so they have been added to the "to do" list.

Rebs defend the stream

Steves units deploy

Reb in the built up area

Steve Marches his unit down the road

Rebs prepare to fire. 

My units engage more rebs in the wheat field

It was getting bloody

So we played through a few turns , of maneuver, firing and a charge. It felt liked it worked as it should

Happy gamers - we even had Martin join us on video "Hangout" to see what he was missing

Great to get things under way - and plans afoot for a longer , more specific scenario driven game


  1. Awesome posting, Dave. It's such a pity you're so far north!! Table and minis look excellent - as one has come to expect from the Sultan of the Sudan :-)

    1. Cheers. Your still welcome. Bring your passport

  2. Good looking table! RFF is a worthy game to have in your arsenal.

    1. Long time since i played it .. It felt like it worked as it should

  3. cool, next time not a school night please

    1. Indeed, weekend game in the planning

  4. It looks absolutely superb Dave.

  5. Great looking table Dave - glad you all had a good game whilst getting to know the rules :)

  6. It all looks very good.
    Is going to be part of the demo game for Stockton show Leon was telling me about?

  7. That really looks the business mate! I can see you having loads of fun with this over time. Great stuff.

    1. Yeah .. cheers mate .. great to have it up and running

  8. Great looking game Dave and the table is looking sensational. We like RFF very much at our club but don't play it anywhere near enough. Looking forward to more of your report.

    1. thanks Carlo - should be more games along in due course - 10mm are certainly a lot easier to knock out than the 28's!

  9. Set up looking good.......and 10 mm definitely easier than 28's 😀

    1. cheers - sure is - i may even have a wander off in the AWI at the same scale


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