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Monday, 11 September 2017

ACW - Battle of Brawners Farm 1862

Yesterday saw the guys from the "The Old Guard" club get together to play our first 10mm ACW game which has been the group project for the year. We were using Regimental Fire & Fury for the rules. I was doing the umpire role - feeding on the various reinforcements etc.  The battle is a small part of Second Manassas.

I do think 10mm works particularly well for this period - great mass effects
The set up 
James's Confederates at the farm
Stewarts Black hat brigade in the centre and the cornfield

Johns Georgians enter in the middle - I sense a rebel yell coming oN
The firing starts 
James's Crack Virginians units gives fire 
Its find a fence time! 19th Indian took severe punishment - but still stanidng 
Petes Brigade , North Carolina , Atlanta and Georgian appear on the hill opposite Martin
Martin deploys his Wisconsin boys into extended line to face the threat
The blows are being traded - the Union units are however coming off worse as Stewart keeps  rolling 1's 
Johns Georgians are well into the cornfield charging the union defenders in the wood
the union left begins to fall back - losses are mounting - and the union army reaches Heavy Casualty levels  
The union right is under real pressure.... and it finally gives ... 
Happy Gamers - James, John, Pete, Martin and Stewart

Overall a Confederate victory as they had held the cornfield by the end and inflicted heavy losses on the Union. Stewarts dice found 1 a hell of lot - and the rebels seemed to find 10 a lot! At one point it looked like it would be a run away Confederate victory , but the Union guys stuck at it , and the units did not run way and managed to chip away at their attackers , doing a decent bit of damage in the end.

Most of the guys have not played the rules before - but by the end of the game all were well on the way with them. We had used most of the troops the guys have painted (plus Angus and Stig who were not there have some too) . The consensus was we need more troops!! and we are planning a bigger battle for the Battleground show in November.

a good day out


  1. Awesome terrain and great looking game!

  2. See you there, where we will be showcasing the Pickett's Charge rules in 28mm..

    1. Look forward to seeing it .. and how Pickets Charge plays ... I have a copy I need to read!

  3. Brawner's Farm game looks terrific. I agree that 10mm is perfect for ACW. I refought Brawner's Farm several times in 10mm using RFF and each game was enjoyable.

    If interested in my take on the action using Regimental Fire and Fury, see:


    1. Thanks . I will certainly be visiting to take a read through

  4. Looking good Dave....will be good to see how far the project develops for Battleground 😀

    1. Cheers .. I think there will more troops involved next time for sure

  5. Excellent Batrep mate. I really like Regimental Fire & Fury (I know it divides the Rejects, but I like it) for ACW. Great photo's by the way. Very nicely done sir!

    1. Thanks Lee. We need to play more games with rules to get into the details , so looking forward to that . We also ha e Pickett's charge and Black Powder to give a run out too

  6. Fabulous pictures, and I agree that small scale is the way to go: I'm trying out a couple of units at 6mm and 10mm before I take the plunge into ACW properly. May I ask what size is the table? Did you use a home-made mat, or commercial one? Looking forward to your future games, Best wishes!

    1. Ian the playing mat is 8x4 , it's a plains green one from Deepcut Studios

    2. Thanks for the info Dave, it looks so textured I'd have believed it was a home-made one with flock etc, really impressive - and it sets your figures off brilliantly!

  7. Very nice indeed


    Take care


  8. Great looking game Dave (love the split rail fencing)! It's been a while, but I really like Regimental Fire & Fury. It gives a good, reasonably fast, entertaining game.


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