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Sunday, 21 October 2018

WIP - preparing the winter projects

Now that the dust has settled on the first big outing for the Sudan game and the small handful of repairs made (only two stands needed a little work out of about a 1000 I reckon) its time to look at what I want to get done over this coming winter.

First off I want to clear the paint desk lurkers. I have just added a 10 mm ACW Union brigade as the Old Guard group are running a game at the Stockton Battle ground show at the end of November and we need/want some reinforcements. I have a unit of 28mm Bashi Bazook cavalry and a few other little items to do as well.

Having played the large Sudan game its also got me wanting to add some more stuff - so shopping has been taking place. More Ansar and Nile tribes to be completed - so another 4 boxes of Perry mahdists- and 2 British Infantry (NSW Infantry - 36 figs, and the West Kents 36 figures) to complete the last two larger infantry units I want. I have a number of vignette pieces in mind too so I have some more metal from Empress and Conniosseur laid in.

I have stocking up over the year for next years WW2 projects with Martin C , James M and Scotty which should see a large 15 mm D Day game - I have 2 companies of US infantry , one of Paras , 10 landing craft and 3 aircraft to crack on with.

I have more 6-10-15 mm terrain bits to crack on with too - James dropped me some more buildings for the  moderns which I have added too - so they should provide a good diversion. 

I shall be going over to CRISIS in Antwerp as well - meeting up with some guys and doing a bit of shopping for stuff you don't see in the UK . We will also visiting some WW1 sites in Belgium and France and will be visiting a family grave to lay a wreath but more of that nearer the time . 


  1. That's a fecking lot Dave, good luck!

  2. Wow!! Some great stuff/future plans there, Dave. Loved all the "Flames OF war" minis especially, as I've got the 15mm bug myself currently. Great to see you as busy as ever :-)

  3. Great stuff Dave. Just as well we've got AHPC IX coming up to ensure that all gets painted :)

  4. Bloody hell, that must have hurt the wallet!!! Someone's gonna be a very busy boy!

  5. Ssshh! Indeed hobby fund coffers have been well drained .. got some decent volume discounts which helped

  6. Well you've got a busy plan for the Challenge this year. Surely there's an error as I don't see my camels listed...
    NSW - is that an Aussie unit in the Sudan? Penal regiment maybe?

    1. There may a camel or two..or more ..and yes you might think that . But I couldn’t possibly comment

  7. Lots going on with the painting, hope you enjoy Crisis, I've been twice and rate it highly.

  8. Come on then. Explain why you could possibly need MORE Mahdists?

    1. I was going to do a bit of rebasing from smaller bases to bigger .. but it’s a quick to paint some new ones! 2/3 of my foot is beja ...I want to add some more Nile tribes and later ansar figures too for other game options - yes mad . But fun!

  9. Yikes! You don't do any modest projects, do you? That's a *lot* of new stuff - and I imagine you'll finish it all too (unlike me or many others, if we were to buy so much in one go :-( ).

    1. Yep. Go big or go home.. he he .. to be fair it may take more than one decent winter season to clear this lot. But at least it’s in stock

  10. There is no denying that is a shed load of stuff ! When you do get to the WW2 DD let me know I can bring a fair size American force if needed 🙂


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