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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Wings of Glory WW2 - Blenheim bombers and Schwalbe ME262s

 With the start of the 1940 Wings of Glory campaign game I needed to complete a couple of Bristol Blenheim bombers.  I have most of the WWII aircraft produced for the game, however they don’t make a Blenheim and there is an early scenario in the campaign that calls for 2 Bristol Blenheim bombers - fortunately Zvesda do one in the same 1/200th scale So I have cracked on to complete the two required last week. It is a nice little kit to put together and looks good. I will get some proper propeller spinners sorted once I get all the aircraft  i have in the to"to do pile" done.

I also picked up a couple of resin ME262s from Armaments in Miniature in the US to add to the late war collection in an attempt to give my allied bomber fleet some more opposition. The game system doesn't have these released officially but a few guys in the Wings of Glory forum have produced stats and movement cards etc. I have made up some magnetic gimble mounts for attaching these to the flight stands - as it nice see these banking as they turn and swoop like the "Schwalbe" (Swallow) they are named for!

i have some more items on order from AIM, some Dornier Do17 , Boulton Paul Defiants and Fairey Battles that will be needed for the later games in the Battle of Britain campaign 

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  1. The AIM planes look pretty good I think. I was looking at buying the Drachen balloons from WW1 but found the postage expensive but over 6 planes its going to amortize well.

    The pictures against the sky background work brilliantly. Well done with that.


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