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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Wings of Glory WW2 - Battle of Britain campaign games 3 & 4

Yesterday saw another two instalments on the Battle of Britain campaign (more info & ideas here).

Game 3 
May 23rd 1940 - Bf109 vs Spitfire .

Two Me109 E-3 verse 2 Spitfire mk1 , escorting a Miles Magister trainer piloted by Squadron leader Leathhart and rescued colleauge Squadron Leader White. The aircraft must cross the table and exit - simples!

Tally ho!chaps ! Bounce the Me109's

The Spitfires managed to bounce the Me109 who were intent on shooting down the rescue plane.  However both Me109's were shot down , with almost no damage to the Spitfires - the turning circle and manoeuvrability of the Spitfires did come as a bit of shock to the Germans - if it wasn't for a very last minute cannon burst from Lt Steinberger who had managed to manoeuvre a last shot just before himself being shot down then the Maggie would have escaped the board.

The Yak is doing duty for the Maggie - Spitfires continue to chase the German fighter..

British  - 54 Sqdrn
Pilot Officer Cooke - 2 Me109'S shot down (4XP gained) - landed safely
Pilot Officer Walker - 1 assist (1 XP gained) - landed safely
Squadron Ldr Leathart - crash landed the "Maggie" behind French lines -, sustained a serious chest injury - presented a medal for his bravery in attempting the rescue.
Squadron Ldr White - faired somewhat worse in the crash landing , with serious life changing crippling injuries and is now in a wheelchair.

German. Staffel 9 
Leutnant Hans Franz - Shot down - Baled out successfully no injury , landed near friendly forces got drunk!
Leutnant Helmut Steinberger - Shot down crash landed in friendly territory  - no serious injury - his "Golden Touch" skill is now recognised. . Gained - 2 XP for shooting down the "Maggie" - failed a a promotion board , but was awarded an Iron Cross 2nd class.

Germany Victory


Game 4
May 31st 1940 - Dynamo , The Great Evacuation

Spitfires try to get in the way of Me109s heading for troop targets 
German shooting in this game was lethal , with the cannon fire from the aircradt being very painful - the Brits aircraft equipped with 8x 303 Brownings  seem under equippped!

didnt work though!! the Me109's triumphed, shooting up a both target troop cards 
Pilot Officer Walker - Shot Down , landed in France , rescued by French forces , minor wound , transferred to hospital - which was then bombed by the Luftwaffe causing him to miss out on the next lot missions.
Pilot Officer Cooke , managed to hit an Me109 , but not down it. Returned to base and landed safety - 1-XP gained.

Leutnant Hans Franz - Shot down a Spitfire - , strafed and wiped out target troop card - 3XP , landed safely
Leutnant Helmet Steinberger - wiped out a target troop card - 1XP , landed safely 

German Victory

Current Tally    German Victory 3  , British Victory 1 , Draw 0

With the battle of France over we now move on to the fighting in the channel. I am painting a couple of Dornier Do17 for next weeks battle - for bombing a convoy in the channel - its a big game with with lots of aircraft. Should be good fun . The new gimble mounts I have really help to as you can now position the aircraft in the correct attitude easily - looks the part.  We are also getting attached to our pilots as well - its a great campaign system.


Work in hand


No more than 3 things on the PAINTING table at once. Nothing new added until something is finished.

PREPARATION work is done when I don't fancy detail painting. Cleaning up, converting, undercoating etc.

PLANNING is expressions of interest or things that have inspired me to be created with no definite timescale as yet.

28mm Napoleonic Brits
15mm WW2 US engineers
15mm WW2 German tanks

On the PREPATION table.
15mm beach terrain for D Day
15mm flooded areas
15mm beach assault platoons

Storage wars
15mm US Infantry