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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 17 May 2021

‘Nam 68 - gaming

 With today being the start of official post lockdown you can meet indoors , Martin and I had a play  date . We decided to do Nam with the addition of vehicles and helicopters to try out the rules for those. 

I had the table set up and the base scenario was a VC platoon had a captured high ranking pilot who they had to hold onto and hand over to the local NVA commander who was on his way with a squad to pick him up. The Americans wanted him back , but only had 60 minutes of gaming time. The system has a neat method of dicing for how many minutes that turn had consumed - by the last activating player rolling a dice of choice from d4 - to d12 . Obviously the US player wants it to go slow and chooeses d4   , the VC player is reaching for the d12 ! If the  US player runs out if time they lose. So it keeps the pressure on .

The US forces arrive on the table , VC squads in the cover look to ambush units on the road.



Scotty has completed the first batch of village huts for the project along with some sandbag positions , he has also completed 35 VC figures for his own collection - (Parkfield Miniatures) and he had dropped them off as mine are not done yet.

I made use of a girder bridge I made a few years ago 


RPG brews up an M113 most of the passengers manage to get out. 


M113 attempts to overrun the RPG guy who is suppressed and too close to fire.


NVA team had turned up and were about to exit the table with the pilot as the APC let off a last few shots - which allowed him to dive fir cover and be rescued with the clock on 58 minutes! 

US casualties were 4 dead , could easily have been a deal higher, asMartin was lucky on a couple of accurate mortar and RPG rounds  , -plus a blown up APC .
VC were about 12 dead , 16 wounded, 4 captured . 

Overall a good fun game was had - learning more on the rules . We will play again soon .


  1. Replies
    1. It was indeed - more RPD’s on order

  2. Splendid
    Looking game Dave and glad you are back to it 👍

  3. Splendid looking game Dave and glad you are back in the saddle 👍

  4. which rule set did you opt for in the end? (looks great)

    1. We are try out The Nam -The way it was . Some good bits in it - some we still playing with .

  5. Sounds like a good game. Looks like a terrific game.

  6. Great pics. Really like your trees who makes them?

    1. Thanks. They were an e bay purchase from China. Search for 12Pcs Model Train Palm Trees Rain Forest Scale 1:65-1:150 Diorama Wargames


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