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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Thursday 23 May 2024

Gaming - Partizan 2024 - Sudan

 Last weekend saw a trip down to Newark to the first Partizan show of the year with some of the guys from the North Riding Wargames Club (aka cat herders). We had decided to give my Sudan stuff a run out - it was last at Partizan in 2018.

We had a 12x6 table for the day - which is fairly small for a large 28mm Sudan, so with a lot of figures it would look nicely busy . With the help of JameM and MartinC through the day we were kept very busy talking to the punters in between chucking some dice and attempting to get a look around.

I had written a one page set of simple rules called “it’s hot here Sir!” to try out - they worked really well and provided some simple entertainment.

Initial set up , with Mahdist forces appearing in the left 

The naval Gatling is hauled by hand.

10th Hussars 

Mahdist camel troops led by an Emir 

The small Egyptian force advances .

The Bengal lancers , lethal as ever in this game - melee one 11 hits out of 12 , second melee 12/12 . They saw off all the Mahdist cavalry 

Phot credit Toms toy soldiers 

The square protects the supplies .

The square moves ahead 


These 3 pics with thanks to Toms Toy Soldiers 

We met up with various friends old and new through the day which was great. 

Shopping was fairly light , though I hadn’t gone looking for anything much. Some ferro paper for the storage boxes, some printed double  sided ACW objective markers , and picking up an order of Vietnam bits from Gringos . 

It was a great day, very busy and good for the morale . We intend to do Gettysburg in 10mm in conjunction with Pendraken at the October outing for The Other Partizan . Some terrain work to do there but not too much - I think! 


  1. T'was a great looking game Dave!

  2. Was good to see both you and the game Dave - hadn't realised you had a blog so I'm looking forward to some back reading

    1. Cheers . There may be a few camels in the back history ?

  3. Fantastic looking set up Dave a great looking battle 👍