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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Saturday 29 June 2024

Gaming - Sword Beach

 Today saw the 4th of our 5 D Day beach themed games this year . We did Sword beach a few years ago , though this included the Pegasus bridge area . This time we did if further west and with an L shaped table to allow a bit further inland to allow a potential counter attack . 

Looking west along Queen Green Queen White 

Inland from Lion-sur-Mer to Hermanville 

The full width is 12 foot , and 8 -10 foot deep foot - yes long arms and shive stick required at times 

The RAF buzz the beaches 

The bombardment starts 
DD’s hit the beach - we had about 1/3rd losses with sinking or swamping in the surf 

Breaching teams arrive on LCT’s


Infantry have arrived - the tide has also started to come in - denoted by the ribbon moving up the beach 


AVRE’s work on clearing the obstacles and breaching the sea wall .


Artillery hits the beach , starting to hurt the invaders 

The defenders knock out Crabs approaching the minefield


Lion sur Mer is liberated - and the Brits are heading in land 

The build up continues with forces pouring ashore


WN20 is over-run 
Photos from Roy the Brit commander in this area 
Time to head in land 

Brigade command , thinks there may be a German counter attack coming . 

We are planning a more detailed counterattack scenario in the future , for now we assumes 21st Panzer had got out of the blocks early and attempted to throw the invaders into the sea here rather than further west as they tried 

Wolverines AT have disembarked 

Panzergrenadier advance 

Pz IV’s trade blows 

Sherman’s , Firefly’s , and “Bring up the Piat” - put a stop to the counter attack . 

A really fun game -mad all of these D Day ones have been 

All the troops are by James Mac , a bulk of the terrain is mine . We used Pendraken Miniatures HQ gaming room - a great facility .

We have Omaha left to do later in the year - I need some consistent dry warm weather to sort out Point du Hoc  





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  1. Superb setup - well done to the cast who put it together. A wonderful homage to the men who fought that day