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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Return to the Sudan

It's been a little while since i visited this one. But there has been logistical work going on in the background. Almost all the figures required to do the game I want have now been sourced as per my project plan. Thanks to Doug C from "Unfashionably Shiny" a number of new additions to the collection have been made. Doug has been a long term follower and when he saw what I was intending to do offered to trade his own collection some of which was painted and based, some painted and the some in its original shiny state.Thanks again Doug really appreciated.

And some proper Old School lads we have too.If you are of certain age old enough to remember the spreads in Miniature Wargames of Peter Gilders collection in use at the Wargames Holiday Centre you will recognise some if these as Connoisseur models , but there are a range of various manufactures to share with you over the coming weeks.

So first up I took the mob of painted "Fuzzy Wuzzy" and have based them as per my previous  unit into 24 bases with a range of 4 - 6 per base. This allows for a rabble style unit and gives flexibility in rules sets.

. All figure painting and flags by Doug C. Basing is mine

I really like these lads sneaking through the elephant grass

 All work by Doug C

There was also this cracking little village set with Hovels buildings and Connoisseur set goat herd. I have just added some various height grass tufts.

 Plenty more to come from this lot. Thanks again Doug it's really helped to move things forward.


  1. Brilliant! Great start to the new project, the highlights for me have to be the chaps sneaking through the elephant grass and the hovels. Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Indeed they are great - I must do some to add to them

  2. Another tempting period for me, I will have to resist.


    1. Oh there will be plenty more of these to tempt you..

  3. Some great looking figures, love the building, very cool!!

    1. cheers Ray - old stuff has come up very well i think

  4. A wonderful adition for your collection. I like a lot the small village.

    1. Thanks - yes it is a nice piece , i will need a another two ro three like it i think

  5. The basing on these finish the figures off a treat. Look forward to seeing the collection develop, though did you not paint up and sell a load of Perry plastic figures for this period a little while ago?

    1. Thanks - still got the last mob as they did not sell in the end. It was for funding to buy the rest of the stuff for this game initially but Doug has saved me a decent amount with his swaps. So there is one tray full of mahdists completed now - 1/2 way there for the first game..

  6. Wow! Very nice collection you're amassing there, Dave. Beautiful stuff.

    1. AAh ,, that is only the merest fraction of it .. ooh beloved!

  7. Those Fuzzies have only been waiting 25 years for a base, so it's nice to see them finally finished - nice job. I can't take responsibility for the guys in the grass - those are veterans of Gilder's campaign. I don't know who painted them - maybe Doug Mason would know?

    Now then Dave - get yer tartan paint out!


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