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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Partizan Part 3 - the loot

In-between running the game and chatting to people (a lot!) I managed to nip around a few traders and have a bit of a stock up..I did had a decent list of things, and got most of them.

I sourced a load of bit for the desert terrain box from The Last Valley. Bits of scrub, brush and trees. I also got an oasis and wadi piece , that got used on the day , but its packed away at the moment.

A new Sudan related book , and the new set of Napoleonic rules with markers

a couple sets of paints - the Yellow is new for me - I have been using the flesh colour set for years and had just started to run out.

A stash of Perry Egyptians and Sudanese infantry, and the new Zulu war plastics - need to pick some more up to finish the 6 more units I want.

Pack horses!

I have also got booked up to run a game at the August Partizan ... time for boats I think!


  1. Dave, I think you left out the four boxes of "Mantic" zombies I thought was also on your 'To Buy' list? ;-)

    1. They are in brown under the table bags mate...

  2. Nice. I'm waiting for my 11th Hussars to show up in the mail. These will be for British expeditionary forces.

  3. Good to see from the loot that we are not planning on leaving the Sudan any time soon - now on with the boats Sir.

  4. Woooo lots of nice stuff 😀

  5. Quite a haul. Never used Andrea colours and would be interested to see how that yellow set works out.

    1. I use them a lot and they work well. Just need to find something yellow to paint!

    2. A regiment of Buddhist monks? Can't guarantee they'll fight, but your opponents will certainly accumulate a lot of bad karma if they harm them...

  6. You'll now have plenty of pack horses, then!

    You definitely need an officer in charge of them all, insisting he be recognised as a general - as in Wagon-master General. Always makes me laugh that episode of Sharpe.

    1. Indeed I have.. funny that .. I was thinking the same thing

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah.. I could got more but ran out of cash on the day

  8. I suppose this means that you're adding an extra room to your shed? Like a disused shipping container, perhaps?
    ; )
    And great news about the August show, BTW!


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