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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 20 November 2017

ACW - Union infantry and the table

A decent bit of progress made last week . I completed the union infantry brigade I had on the paint desk. It will see its first battle this coming weekend as guys from the Old Guard club give the game a run out at the Battleground Show.

I do like the mass effect that is possible  10mm- the brigade marches to battle 

I made some rocky outcrop terrain pieces from cork sections this week too, along with finishing the last of the trees to add to the table - takes it up to 200 of them altogether.

I just need to get my 3 limber teams done this week
Another plus to the 10mm is they make this kind of thing economically viable!

I have some Confederate troops on order from Pendraken to pick up this week to start with the opposition. I will be mostly finding someone to paint them I think as the old eyes are not holding up so good with them. So much so I have had to resort to using some magnification.

A 2x magnification Optivisor
I have previously tried a magnifying lamp but I could not get away with that. The Optivisor is comfortable to wear , not too heavy and it is making a real difference. For now I only need it for 10mm , reading glasses are fine for any larger figures or terrain.

a view through the visor ..

This week has also seen work on Curt's Stradiots - with all the fiddly bits now completed , namely the shields, hats and faces .. just the main clothing parts and highlights left to do,

The last of the paint table lurkers!

The clock is ticking down to the launch of the winter challenge... stand by your camels!


  1. Dave thats a cracking ACW set up, I look forward to comparing notes re the games. I love the rocky outcrops.

    1. Cheers , yes be interested hear how Picketts Charge plays out

  2. A very fine looking table Dave!


  3. That's a cracking looking table, Dave. Really nicely presented and put together.

    I'll see you on Saturday. Unless you're there on Friday, setting up the game?

  4. Stinking wonderful looking table Dave!! I might have to get me a set of those dorky looks specs.

    1. Stonking not stinking was intended!

    2. Smell o vision! Well worth investing in the dorky specs

  5. nice work, see you at the weekend

  6. Looking good. I have table envy.

  7. Looking forward to seeing the table next weekend. My eyes are going the other way I just have to hold everything closer to my nose ! I’ll watch from a distance at the painting challenge šŸ¤“

  8. Splendid progress Sir. Liking the look of the optivisor, I have had to resort to reading glasses myself.

  9. Trying to hold out from using the Dork-o-Visor, but will probably have to succumb sooner or later. Lovely Stradiots btw, mate! That's a lucky b@st@rd who's getting those. :)

    1. I have resisted so fa4 , but for the 10mm I really need it . Yep they are looking good so far , finished 3 completely tonight

  10. Very nice indeed


    Take care


  11. A mighty fine table and some lovely miniatures too! I actually was quite surprised to learn they were 10mm.

    1. cheers Nick - they have a surprising amount of detail on them - which is a devil to paint! glad you like em

  12. Wnderful game table. The Stradiots look really dangerous!


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