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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Batteground - ACW Game and stash!

Yesterday saw the culmination of the group project by the Old Guard Wargame Group , as we put on the ACW Battle of Stone River at our local show Battleground.

Firstly we must say a real well done to Leon and the team at Pendraken for all the hard work put into making this a great event. Its really growing as a regional show . Yesterday was a busy day with good traders and attendance right through the day . There were 7 of us there from the Old Guard and we all took a number of breaks for shopping excursions a number of times.

Each of the guys had completed various regiments , I had also done most of the terrain. Photo credit  Roy Williamson
James, me, John, Martin, Pete, Angus, Stig - we were missing Stuart

James's beautifully painted Rebs all lined up for the fray. - Photo Credit - Roy Williamson

Stigs Union Regiments await the onslaught ..
Martins Union reserve units decide to try a flanking march.

The addition of strips of variably flashing LED;s added to the atmosphere - and were much appreciated by audience!
At this point the Union struggled roll above about a 2... and Confederates were rolling consistently high... its been a theme in each of the games we have had... much to the chagrin of the Union players!

John gets his reinforcement brigades on the move as Angus takes the fence line at the first attempt.. 

The action was hotting up
Stigs and my units fail to hold Angus and fall back...

Martins counterattack was beaten back - and we all agreed this ended as confederate win . The union  commanders  were of course too distracted by shopping ! well that was our excuse!
We had lots of good chats over the day, and lots of positive comments - which helped. A few of us in the group will continue to build up forces , while me move on to another group project next year.

It was a very good show for shopping. We were also located right next to the bring and buy , and were able to nab some quick gains through the day . We also visited the trader throughout , and I am sure buoyed by a great atmosphere on the day a number of bust budgets adding various goodies.

As for me this was my stash..

Old Skytrex ships for a WW2 project picked up from the bring and buy,,,

6MM buildings from Leven - James , Martin and I are going to to 1980's stuff. - as they  picked up a real bargain in the b&b with a massive British force, to match my rooskies 

Basing tufts and bases from warbles

tools and airbrush bits 

and ... oh dear..... where will this lead...

Overall it was a brilliant day out... 


  1. Great posting, Dave, and I'm especially pleased to see some 28mm Naps in your collection - always nice to see people painting proper historicals like me ;-)

    1. Well , I best try to keep on track .. in case your dark forces rope me in

  2. Great looking game from the Old Guard !

  3. Painting those Naps as King Joseph's Spanish Army? Go on, you know you want to. If you don't, Simon (Blaxkleric) will! ;-)

    1. A fine idea .. I like playing with rubbish stuff!

    2. Col. Bill's has a load of as-new/new Foundry British Naps - not yet advertised, not even sorted into item bundles. So if anyone is interested in the group, let me know and I can see what there is and what we can do.

  4. Your game was one of many great games on show - thank you to you and all your group.
    It was indeed a great day out.

  5. What an epic looking game, well done all of you. Napoleonics eh? All those buttons should slow you down this year. :)

    1. Cheers Michael ... well they might just...a bit..

  6. Looks like you had a cracking time. Your game looks amazing mate! Credit to all involved.

    1. Cheers matey , it was a good time, that collection will now grow over time I think. We are in search of a new group project

  7. Looked a great game and a great day out Dave.

  8. Wonderful post Dave and the table and figures looked magnificent. Very interested in your purchases and keen to see where several of them lead you indeed.


  9. Very nice indeed, ACW is one of my favourite periods


    Take care


  10. That was an excellent looking game. Hadn't realised it was you or would have said hi! 10mm does seem to work very well for ACW. I'm committed to 15mm though.
    What are your 1980s plans then? I'm currently painting Poles!

    1. Cheers , I have a lot of Soviet units , so we will do some large scenarios for BAOR ...

    2. I fancy doing Cold War Commander. The others have Team Yankee in mind

    3. I've played a bit of CWC and quite like it but am looking forward to CWC2...when it comes... Fistful of TOWS seem interesting as well. Team Yankee doesn't appeal. I've got lots of Sovs, Belgians, and am working on Brits and Poles. And maybe some West Germans. And Czechs....

  11. A huge and impressive table, no doubt...a wonderful looking game!

  12. Cracking table and good game
    I was very impressed when I saw it at the show

    PS Very nice catch of Skytrex ships ;)

    1. Thanks, yep I had been thinking of getting ships , so it was a real find on the bring and by

  13. As everyone else said...

    Sounds like a very good day.

  14. Lovely game - one of the best at the show.

  15. Thanks for putting on a spectacular 10mm game. I had a nice chat with James as he tried to hold the flank as he explained the ins and outs of the battle.

  16. Thanks , glad you had a good chat


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