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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Team Yankee - First Scenario game

The second game over the weekend was a 6mm modern game from the Cold War Gone Hot, using the Team Yankee rules. We played one of the defined scenarios from the British book Iron Maiden, which is a first engagement using the British covering force attempting to delay the initial Soviet advance and then pull out after having done its job.

Given we were actually using a larger table and smaller - 6mm rather then 15mm toys - we upped the starting forces by doubling the points values. - used mine to flesh out the starting force with some Hinds,and artillery battery and some AA defences.. I am still no great fan of points games - I would rather have a campaign scenario style thing going on, but it did its job to focus  on the mechanisms etc - where last time we just threw loads of toys on the table.

So on with the show.

The table was 8x4 - and for a European battle field had a lot of free space with lots of fields of fire.

The new girder bridge in the distance  added to the collection - I have along one coming along too. 
The view across the brook towards the small town

British Infantry skulk in the woods near an objective 
Soviet Motor Rifle unit hides behind cover as the tanks prepare an advance 

Forward comrades - the Coca Cola is stored in the town!

The Chieftains start their work of burning T72'S..
Exchanging short range blows as the Soviets cross the bridge flanking the wood
However the two companies on the soviet left were suffering

The Soviet right was faring better as  Hinds were knocking out Chieftains
The British light forces were making their appearance with their Swingfires from long distance 

The Soviet left was collapsing - the British defence was aggresive and counterattacked. It swung to reinforce the  British left that was under pressure. 
The Soviet infantry had deployed using its RPGS across the brook , but they dd not enough about them to capture the town in time
We had played 8 turns , it had swung with the Soviets being very close at one point to capturing an objective for a an early victory. Overall it played out well and we all enjoyed it. We will play out the follow up scenario. I need to use my artillery assets better next time.


  1. The scale of figures with the size of table looks spot on Dave and I imagine a very different game to play than 28mm skirmish.

    1. Thanks , yes I think it does scale nicely. Would just like a little more clutter next time ..

  2. Wow... just gobsmacking good visuals, Dave. What a cracking table with plenty of space for some big large-scale action. I'm very jealous sat down here in the chilly South :-)

    1. Cheers.. yes I could have got a lot more kit on for sure...

  3. Excellent Looking game Dave I love 6 mm for WW2 and modern, it gives a great sense of scale. The challenge is giving more realistic ranges and open space can give quite a static game. I have found even with my Eastern front games I put in slightly more terrain to represent small dips and hollows in the ground otherwise it is almost impossible to break across open ground without being wiped out or pinned down. It does of course depend on the rulesets and it is a while since I played FoW.

    1. Thanks Matt, yep agree it will need some more to break things up as we go forward . But I have plenty of it!

  4. A huge and spectacular terrain, great looking game, never played helicopters yet, very tempting...

    1. Oh I do like my Hinds ... so much I have just ordered some more..


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