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Friday, 9 November 2018

Not Forgotten - Pvt Thomas McQuater M.M.

I made a recent family history discovery on the paternal side. I now have a Canada connection with some family members in Canada . I made contact with Jean a cousin of my father living near Toronto who has kindly passed on all the original records she has for her uncle Thomas McQuater. We don't think any member of the family has specifically visited his grave. Although I have been to the actual cemetery several years ago without being aware of the family connection.

With the centenary of the end of first war approaching myself and Mrs D had decided to make another visit over to Ypres and Menin Gate. I also wanted to make sure we paid our respects to Thomas and we diverted to the Vimy Ridge area to visit his war grave in one of the smaller cemeteries in the area. He rests in an original battlefield plot and was not moved as part of the concentration of graves after the war.

With the 100th anniversary of the WW1 it seems appropriate to remember all those effected.

Pvt Thomas McQuater M.M. 4th Battalion C.E.F. killed in  action 11-4.1917

Thomas was born in Glasgow and emigrated to Canada before the first world war. He joined up in 1915 and ended up in the 4th Infantry. He fought in the battle of the Somme , being awarded a Military Medal for being the last man manning his Lewis gun in a series of attacks and counteracts near Courcellette in September 1916.

Military Medal Award

4th Infantry War Diary entry 

He was wounded with a gun shot wound to the eye and thigh while on the Somme in October 1916 and was moved to the base hospital at Etaples

He recovered to take part in the Vimy Ridge attack in April 1917 where he was killed in action on the third day of the attack, possibly even by friendly fire according to war diary.

We called in at the Vimy Ridge memorial.

For the evening we attended the Menin Gate for the Last Post Ceremony . The haunting sound of the bugles playing under the archway always has an impact when I hear it.

                                                             "NOT FORGOTTEN"


  1. A touching and instructive story...
    It is wonderful that you remember your ancestors.

  2. Great post Dave. I have yet to travel to Vimy, but very much want to.

  3. Brilliant post mate. Love reading stuff like this, especially when there is a connection to someone I know.

  4. Great post and a story to pass down to the younger generations.


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