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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

‘Nam 68 - Thwump , thwump , thwump. Chinook 1/48th

have spent all the last week working on one model to add to my Vietnam collection. We did a big game that JamesM and MartinC played in after Xmas where we used our full complement of US air assets - 4 Huey Slicks and a Skyraider and we (well maybe just me!) still want more -go big or go home being the group motto . Over the last year I have picked up a range of larger scale aircraft models one of which was an Italieri early model Chinook used in Vietnam . It’s a big beastie . I get these over my house and you always hear them before you see them . 

With these 1/48th kits it’s a balance between full on scale model nerdery and making it more wargame suitable where it needs to be stored , transportable and gameable . To do this the rotors and 20mm cannon  have been magnetised so are removable for storage and transport. The tail door opens and closes with magnets . It has a 50 cal and  gunner added to the tail door  again it can be removed when needed. There are two metal door /window gunners added. The kit came with plastic 50 cals for those and these were switched out for metal M60s (less likely to break} and gunners from The Assault Group helicopter crew set . This also supplied the two figures for pilot and co pilot figures. As ever doing these 1/48th kits I continue to learn and improve - its a bit of a different skill set , with more patience required .

You can just about make out the crew behind the windscreen 

As this wasn’t going to be a model that just sits on the ground I needed a heavy duty flight stand solution (it’s going to be needed for another of the stash too - no it’s not a B52 honest )  - this was created from an old metal shower rail tube and wall fixing that can be pushed up into the model and comes out of the base. There will be 3 height option , very low, medium (as shown) and high that will be cut from the tube . The base  is made from MDF from the stash and some milliput at the moment .I still need to add a load of extra weight to the base and then texture and foliage etc.

 the rotors and guns removed and tail door closed for transportation 

It will soon be seen over one of our large tables - of course Bob from the group says I need to do a shot down version ! Jeez -it never ends 

Phew - right what else do I in the stash 


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