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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Gaming - Sands of Sudan

It’s been a while since this collection had a proper large game so last weekend saw an opportunity to get together a bunch of friends and re fight the campaign to relieve Gordon who is besieged in Khartoum. I have use of old friend Gerry’s massive tables  , which would allow for a game with the whole collection using the two 24x6 tables. I used mats created by Tiny Wargames to overlay the tables with some hills under and then a whole load of scatter terrain. I also made use of the gap between tables and made up a 4 foot long river board to drop onto the gap which we could use as the Nile. The game would be played over 3 days with 2 umpires playing the Mahdists and 4 imperial players . 

The Camel Corps crossing the sands of Sudan 

Gordon awaits his rescuers 

The Suakin field force builds the railway toward Berber.

The New South Wales field battery 

The 9th Bengal deploy 

The river column proceeds up the Nile 

The locals are not happy!

Is that Flashman we see 

The capture of Metemah

The Mahdists come crashing in 

The 19th Hussars are heavily outnumbered by Mahdi’s cavalry 

The Cameron Highlanders Commander orders red coats to be worn 

Khartoum is in sight

Major Kitchener is sent to scout ahead to find a route through 

The Naval Brigade deploy 

The city walls are under pressure and the Nile is falling 

The city garrison prepares to sally forth as the relief columns approach.

Kitchener finds a way through to the city gates 

The first of relief force arrives in the nick of time as the garrison holds off a final assault. Gordon is saved . Though as Redvers Buller said “not sure the man was worth the camels!”

A thoroughly enjoyable 3 full days of gaming was had . We will do it again .


  1. Absolutely brilliant Dave. No one does Sudan like you and the lads would have enjoyed a wargame for the ages. Three day campaign - nothing better.

    1. It was fun - thanks for your contribution too

  2. Looks well up to your normal splendid table Dave! Well done

  3. Fantasti! Abd inspirational. Thank you!

  4. Looks terrific! There is an incredible amount of talent and work displayed on those tables!

  5. Wonderful stuff here! Love the table and the outstanding painted minis.

  6. Excellent parade Dave! Thanks for sharing!

  7. It is such an absolute joy to see this out again Dave, a huge inspiration for me!

    1. Glad it helps! Yes it’s good to see it out again

  8. Dave thanks for the game you and Martin did well. I really enjoyed it.

  9. Awesome looking bash Dave. Great to see the collection out on display.


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