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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Gaming - Napoleonics Dresden 1813 part 1

 The last week has been spent at the invite of Wargamers Vienna playing in their home city in the Wargamers Paradise permanent games room . The game was the 1813 battle of Dresden with the allied armies attempting to take the city before Napoleon could arrive with his reinforcements. 

The guys had created a whole load of new terrain item for the city walls and the Grosser Garten  with itswalls and it’s palace. 

The game was played out over 3 phases :-

Phase 1 - 7 turns - initial allied arrival against the line French Corps - so taking the outer villages . 

Phase 2 - 17 turns , the massive allied army outnumbers the French by about 6 to 1 - there were special rules to toughen the French units but it would still be a challenge to hold the allies away from the city 

Phase 3 - the arrival of Napoleon with the various Guard formations and 3 more line Corps - which would go on the counterattack. 

I was playing French with a division of St Cyr corp to try and hold the approach to the right hand side of the city - it would get desperate. 

The view from my end of the table - as ever with these large multi player battles you end up absorbed in your own area and frequently have no idea what is going on at the other end . The rules are In The Grand Manner with a number of local amendments- we had 15 players.

The view from my end of the table 


The view from the far end 

The 3D printed city walls 

The 3D printed Grosser Garten.

The allied army starts to arrive and the fighting commences .

My division pushes out (bottom left) to try and slow the Austrian corps as far away from Dresden as possible 

The defence of the Grosser Garten 

The allies approach the city defences 

More next time ±


  1. I have been following your exploits on Facebook and what a wonderful experience Dave, really great.

    1. We have been really looked after by the Vienna guys . It’s been an epic week - one that won’t be forgotten

  2. You know how much I enjoyed your FB posts on this Dave and do great to see so many Wargamers have such a great time. Very impressive looking table and very much looking forward to your follow up reports.

  3. You mention some amendments to ItGM - do you detail these anywhere please, as I’d be interested in seeing them. Thanks

    1. Hi, contact me through the button on here and I can update you on that

  4. This looked to be an absolutely fabulous time, Dave. Wow. What an amazing opportunity to game in Austria with an amazing group of folks. So jealous! :)